Advisory ServicesCloud Candidacy



  • Optimized Hybrid IT strategies
  • Private and Public Cloud Strategy (Cloud Candidacy Methodology, our market proven methodology for selecting and migrating to the right Cloud for the right services and workloads)
  • Cloud Roadmap
  • Application Development services in the Cloud
  • Financial and and ROI, TCO analysis
  • Cloud Security and Cloud Security Posture health check
  • Cloud/IT optimization, Cloud Health check
  • Automation, Orchestration, and ongoing management and monitoring of Cloud, ongoing financial dashboards and reporting
  • DevOps and process readiness for Cloud



  • Migrate to Hybrid Cloud by adding our experts to your team
  • Virtual platforms architects and engineers
  • Certified AWS, Azure Cloud MCSE, and GCP Architects
  • Certified AWS, Azure Cloud MCSE , and GCP Engineers
  • Cloud security engineers
  • Cloud networking engineers
  • Fully Managed Cloud Services Staff, realize the promised savings in the Cloud



The Executives of the Information Technology Group and the Director of Infrastructure and Technology—at Client have requested that Cloudify provide a statement of work for a consultancy engagement.

The decision of where to host services and applications of an organization in the Cloud is a critical one, as it can impact many facets of the business services, including performance, availability, scaling, security, privacy, compliance, operations, staffing, and costs. Client is engaging Cloudify to perform a study to determine the optimal Cloud hosting solution for the organization.

Cloudify will provide a detailed analysis of a service bundle (made up of infrastructure, applications, network, interfaces, etc.) selected by the Client Executives. This will include both the business and technology requirements of Client. All relevant technology strategies, as well as security and compliance requirements of the organization will be gathered and studied in detail. The first outcome of this engagement will be the matrix showing three or more viable alternatives, and recommending one of them to implement and benefit from Hybrid IT. This will include the pros and cons for each option considered, as well as a financial comparison of ongoing costs. High level budget estimates will be provided for moving all other service bundles, services, and systems to this new Hybrid environment.



The presumption is that Client has at hand the detailed inventories of servers and applications that will be required for analysis; therefore, a manual discovery effort will not be required. Cloudify’s effort will focus on analyzing Client’s existing inventories and requirements, including those embodied in their current DR plan if any. Cloudify will then evaluate the options that best align with Client’s business requirements, make a recommendation, and, upon approval, document the architecture for that recommendation.

While every business and every environment is unique, the methodology used with the Cloud Planning will still follow a well-established, standardized approach.

Cloudify’s Cloud Candidacy project will take approximately four (3) weeks to complete and is designed to provide the following:

  • Analysis of Business, Financial, Regulatory, and Technical requirements
    Analysis of Client’s existing inventories of applications, storage and compute capacity
    Review of Client’s existing network capacity
    Analysis of Client’s currently defined RPO and RTO if any
    A high-level review of the Client’s existing architectures
  • Analysis of Cloud options including financial considerations
  • Understanding of the security impacts, including Governance, Risk and Compliance for any DR option considered
  • Business Report
  • IT Report
  • Draft detailed analysis
  • Draft recommendation of a solution
  • Final recommendation
  • Finalized financials
  • Proposed architecture for that solution on the selected workload/application