Analytics as a Service

Cloudify professionals bring deep and proven expertise in managing data and producing monetized, complex, predictive, and decisionable analytics that are consumed via intuitive interfaces on any device, anywhere, and any time.

In the past, high performance computing (HPC) was only accessible to the largest corporations, research and government institutions. HPC power is now readily accessible for any company, from Fortune 500 to startups. We refer to this phenomenon as the democratization of complex analytics for everyone.


Cloudify’s Analytics Division Offers the Following

  • Expert Data Scientists
    • Data mining experts
    • Mathematicians & Statisticians
    • Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)
    • Hadoop & MapReduce
  • Data Warehouse Professionals
    • Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)
    • ETL as a Service (ETLaaS)
    • Data Architects & DBA’s
  • Database as a Service (DaaS)
  • Data Governance
    • Business Process Experts & Systems
    • Analysts
    • Data quality assessment and remediation
  • Accomplished Financial Risk Model Builders
    • Risk Modeling as a Service (RMaaS)
  • Business Intelligence Tool Experts
    • Microstrategy (v8 through v9)
    • OBIEE
    • BI as a Service (BIaaS)
  • Analytics Project Healthcheck Reviews


What Our Services Mean To Our Clients

Do you know what data you have and what value that data holds? When clients engage us, they can quickly find out what to do with their data, how to mine it for monetized products, make decisions based on facts, and aggregate minute events to reveal significant direction or trends.

  • Analytics is often perceived as a waste of dollars spent because it usually focuses on the technical rather than the business needs
  • Many clients do not know the right questions or the data and business problems they are facing right now
  • BI reports on historical events
  • Predictive modeling shows the aggregation of very dim lights which are usually ignored as non-events into a focused light which is a significant real-time decisionable event

Finding a needle in a haystack is no longer good enough to hold a competitive advantage. The situation is now calling for finding the needle in a stack of needles, using the latest technologies and tools from Hadoop, HANA, MicroStrategy, IBM, VMware, Oracle, R, and SAS.


How Cost Effective Is Using the Cloud?

With cheap capacity on demand, customers can create a large cluster of compute, and finish their analytical tasks in a much shorter time, yielding faster business results. For example, to scan 100 TB on 1 node at 50 MB/sec would take 23 days. However, to scan the same amount of data on a 1000 node cluster takes only 33 minutes.


About Cloudify

At Cloudify we help clients with traditional, cloud-based, and hybrid environments take advantage of the benefits cloud computing provides, while avoiding its hazards. As pioneers in cloud implementations, we apply knowledge gained from experience to help clients chart a safe, smooth course to a cloud solution that meets their needs, fits the schedules, and delivers the ROI to make it worthwhile. Cloudify is adept at using clients’ internal systems and the Cloud to produce actionable and predictive results.