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Cloudify AWS competency white paper

Our team of AWS experts has designed and implemented many of AWS environments for enterprises across industries. As one of AWS Consulting Partners in North America, Cloudify, Inc. has demonstrated the capabilities necessary to design, build, migrate and operate complex AWS environments at scale for enterprise clients.

AWS project:

One largest logistics companies in the US (Company L)
The purpose of the engagement was to validate whether AWS is the optimal hosting solution for Company L. This would have had a long-term impact on profitability and market agility. Cloudify and Company L selected the MRS WMS (150 VMware Virtual servers, 12 TB of data) workload for this POC. Cloudify analyzed both its business and technical requirements and deployed it to AWS as a POC. Cloudify took into account various factors such as performance, availability, security, compliance, operational staffing, and cost, as well as both the speed and ease of scaling.


The activities, included the following items:

  1. Cloudify and Company L selected AWS to provide benchmark POC evaluation using the MRS WMS workload, environment, and details of all technology stack (systems, storage, network, etc.)
  2. Analyzed and reported on business and technical requirements of the WMS
  3. Benchmarked WMS performance as currently hosted
  4. Architected the platform for MRS
  5. Documented deployment steps for the WMS
  6. Participated in meetings with the vendor as needed
  7. Created the AWS account for Company L
    a. The POC was performed under a Company L account so that, if desirable, the environment can continue to be used post-POC as production
  8. Created and configured AWS servers
  9. Deployed and migrated all systems and data of MRS WMS to AWS
  10. Assisted in defining test criteria for success
  11. Tested WMS on AWS
  12. Benchmarked WMS performance on AWS
  13. Performed cost analysis
  14. Assisted in defining long-term and production success criteria for the POC, and tracked those criteria
  15. Project Managed making MRS AWS the system of records and the production system