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Cloudify Enters into Agreement to Deliver Barracuda Portfolio of Products

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For Immediate Release Contact: Luca Rajabi Phone: 877-277-3764 Email: Cloudify Enters into Agreement to Deliver Barracuda Portfolio of Products Cloudify to Offer Enhanced Security & Compliance Assessments Irvine, California (August 28th, 2019) – As your trusted advisor in business and technology we continually strive to enhance our service offerings. With that in mind, the… Read more »

An Architect’s View on Containers

To truly understand the why and when of Containers, it is important to have some background on the world of development. Developers seldom truly trust other developers, sometimes with good reason. 20 years ago, even though it would’ve been cheaper to run multiple applications on the same server, it was common to have a separate… Read more »

Hardening the Last Mile

The “Last Mile” refers to the last, local legs of communication that connect the user to the Internet.  For universities and large businesses, this is the responsibility of the IT department.  For most enterprises, dependency on the Internet has soared in recent history.  Email has become the primary form of communication.  Desk phones are almost… Read more »

Cloudify, Inc. Acquires Worldwide SoftDev

Cloudify, Inc. Acquires Worldwide SoftDev to expand its offerings into application Development, Mobile Application Development and Cloud Integration Applications January 6, 2017 Irvine, California: Cloudify, Inc. one the fastest growing companies in Cloud advisory, Cloud Implementation and Cloud Integration Services announced today its acquisition of Worldwide Softdev, a provider of Modern Application Development, Mobile Application… Read more »

“I would NEVER put my clients in the cloud!”

Of the many privileges afforded me, perhaps none has proved more valuable than the opportunity to work in a wide variety of jobs over the years.  Among them has been a stint as a “professional driver”.  For those of us who learned to drive in Southern California, I suppose that term can either be prima… Read more »

Cloudify Announces Box Platform Integration Software

Cloudify announces the launch of Contobo, a software solution that provides migration of content management platforms to the cloud. The application enables the appropriate architecture, process, API’s and interface discovery, allowing for ease of conversion from legacy content management systems to the Box cloud-based platform. Evan Jafa, CEO of Cloudify says: “We appreciate the trust… Read more »

When Cloud Crashes Into The Core of IT

The cloud discussion has been percolating through IT for about seven years now. It shows every sign of now going to a full boil.  Most every IT leader I meet is now accountable for having an acceptable “cloud strategy” of some sort.  Up to now, I think it’s fair to say that most IT leaders… Read more »

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Cloud!

As one of the leaders responsible for representing Cloudify’s brokerage and IT optimization practice, our clients often ask me about the “mysteries” of the cloud.  Is ITaaS inevitable?  Should I “buy the base and rent the peaks”?   When is the right time to engage a cloud broker? My initial response is to remind them that… Read more »

Cloudify expands Microsoft offerings

Cloudify, Inc. today announces the expansion of its line of Microsoft cloud implementation services. This expansion is in direct response to growing client demand in this segment. Evan Jafa, President of Cloudify says: “We are grateful to our clients that have engaged Cloudify as their trusted advisor to deliver high value IT strategies and services. We strive… Read more »

A California University Success Story

The Challenge The client is a university which has one of the most diverse student populations of any higher-education institution in the nation.  Its graduates constitute a major leadership force in Greater Los Angeles. Early in 2015, a datacenter disruption prevented students, staff and faculty from reaching technology resources requiring Microsoft AD authentication at the… Read more »