Cloud ExpertOn‑Demand


Always Available, Cloud Technology Architects for your Enterprise

Providing CLOUDIFY Clients with rapid response on-par with in-house service models. The Cloud Expert On-Demand (CEOD) offering will enable small businesses and enterprises to have a pool of resources ranging from traditional infrastructure to the most advanced Cloud Architects to consult, troubleshoot, develop or produce solutions to complex business technology challenges. Whether you’re currently in the Cloud or planning a move to it the CEOD can provide resources to service challenges ranging from the following Cloud or traditional business and technology areas:

  • Application or Data Center Migrations & Transformations
    • Planning and Executing Resource Aggregation, Consolidation, Divestment or Retirement
    • Moving Systems and Services from traditional infrastructure to Cloud Platforms
    • Architecting and Developing Applications or Services to fit Cloud Models
  • Financial Process Augmentation
    • Resource Utilization Oversight
    • Billing Technologies and Best Practices
    • Run Rate Evaluations (Am I paying too much?)
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    • Planning for High Availability
    • Ensuring Geographic Redundancy
    • Architecting Object, Database & VM Backup Strategies
  • Platform & Technology Training or Troubleshooting
    • Understanding IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
    • Development & Delivery Best Practices
  • Implementing and Ensuring IT Governance
    • Monitoring, Process Scaling, Provisioning, Change Management, Tools & Automation
  • Networking and Security
    • Architecting, Troubleshooting VNets and VPCs
    • Remote Access, Bridging and Routing
    • Express Route & Direct Connect
    • Network Resource Management


Flexibility That Adapts to Your Changing Business Needs

Your CEOD can operate as seamless parts of your organization, continuously working to improve processes, contribute to strategy and help mitigate problems before they arise or as a tactical response to unforeseen challenges. Your time matters and that is why the CEOD works to fill in the gaps in business, strategy or technology expertise to improve the performance, quality and relevance of your company’s IT service model.