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We’ve assembled a stand-out team of IT veterans who have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to create the perfect cloud climate to fit your business needs and give you the agility to keep up with today’s rapidly shifting markets. By optimizing your organization’s existing IT infrastructure with a more simplified, agile approach to business processes, Cloudify can reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide secure access to critical information-at any time from any location.

As a vendor-and platform-agnostic IT consultancy, we’re free to forge relationships with only those cloud providers whose strengths contribute to the best possible outcome for your organization. We use knowledge as a foundation, experience as proof and trust to build relationships. And we succeed at all three.

A Migration Toward Innovation

Today, organizations of every size and from every sector are at a crossroads. The underpinnings of traditional business models have been disrupted and shattered by pervasive cloud-computing technologies, which are advancing at exponential speeds.

Our trusted senior executives and global innovation leaders understand that converting to cloud technology is a significant change. But they also agree that it’s a smart decision for your firm – and one that leads to a more simplified, centralized and automated IT infrastructure, with the flexibility to scale up, scale down and innovate at the speed of the market.

With more computing power at a lower cost and the option to pay for resources on demand, migrating to the cloud provides freedom for your organization to focus on what matters most: your business objectives.

Cloudify’s technology veterans are captains of the industry, with decades of experience in strategy and planning, qualitative and quantitative research, ethnography and analytics.

Successfully working with clients across all vertical markets and industries – from financial and automotive to healthcare and higher education – Cloudify implements customized processes that enable organizations to better govern, manage and secure their IT services.

Whether public, private or hybrid cloud solutions, our proven strategies provide maximum benefits for CIOs and CTOs, releasing IT from the confines of a back-office support function to play a starring role in delivering customer value.


IT Strategy

Most IT organizations agree that a well-executed IT strategy is the single most important factor for success. Cloudify’s strategic consultants realign your organization’s IT strategy to optimize service offerings. By examining your current capabilities, including capital and operational expenditures, Cloudify delivers a customized solution that not only fits your business and your budget, but also positions your firm for ongoing success and continued satisfaction.

Cloud Assessments

Most of our relationships begin with a Cloud Assessment. Together we explore your business goals, and how cloud technologies might help you achieve them. We gain an understanding of your current technology picture in order to offer high-level guidance on your journey to the cloud.

For more detailed guidance, Cloudify also has a toolkit and a methodology available to give your organization a unique and tailored roadmap to the cloud. The Cloud Candidacy Toolkit is based on the revolutionary “Cloud Candidacy Process” developed by Cloudify founder Evan Jafa. The toolkit provides a quick and reliable path to “Cloudification” using weighted evaluation criteria in order to determine architectural compatibility for deployment when customizing the perfect public, private or hybrid cloud environment for your business needs. Our cloud experts are available to compliment the toolkit by using our proprietary methodology to provide an advanced level of assessment of all relevant criteria, thoroughly examining your organization’s infrastructure, applications, dependencies, security and compliance. The outcome is a match between cloud technologies and your specific needs and goals.

AD Resiliency

Cloudify/Microsoft cloud-enabled Authentication and Directory Services mitigate site-specific risks for user access and authentication services. Combining the speed of on-premises equipment for core services with the resiliency of the cloud to create a fast, durable system. Cloudify is a Premier Microsoft Cloud Partner. Read More

Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cloudify can craft a turnkey Disaster Recovery solution for you in the Cloud. The problem with current vendor DR offerings is they all solve a piece of the puzzle, but stop well short of being a complete, end-to-end solution. Cloudify solves this problem by analyzing the correct combination of technologies and processes for your company, and then helping you implement and test them.

There are many possible approaches to Disaster Recovery for IT. For decades, the most common solution was to have an identical set of physical machines located in a different location. The cost of buying and maintaining duplicate hardware is high. Virtualization significantly reduced the cost of DR because it significantly reduced the number of physical machines required. It also simplified making copies of machines. Cloud DR is the next logical progression.

The financial advantage of Cloud DR is that, once you’ve created your environment in the cloud, you can stop most of the Virtual Machines. Therefore most of the environment, on a day-to-day basis, costs nothing. Compared to the traditional approach of duplicate physical machines, this creates substantial long-term savings.

Financial Modeling

Most every business requires justification for spending on projects, products and other long-term investments. Cloudify’s team of in-house experts is well positioned to assist with cost justification and modeling in support of operational planning, IT spending, budgeting and build/buy decision-making. We develop unique and robust client-specific financial models to support ROI analysis and other key metrics necessary to make your final decision the right one.

Data Center Migrations

Among the many complex projects in the IT world, data center migrations rank the highest for risk and rate of failure. Choosing the right partner is critical. The Cloudify staff has done hundreds of data center migrations, including for Fortune 200 companies. As a full-scale systems integrator with expertise in data center consolidation, application migration and full lifecycle operations support, Cloudify brings unique skills and experience to a logistical or physical move. Whether you’re relocating across the street or across the globe, our project management, asset management, process control, engineering and architecture resources will ensure a seamless data center migration.

IT as a Service

Cloudify offers a full range of managed services—both temporary and permanent—from help desk and backup to engineering and security. Whether yours is a company of five or 5,000, Cloudify provides experienced and skilled management resources, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Business Intelligence

BI is a natural fit for the Cloudify team. As seasoned IT experts with backgrounds in big data and analytics, we have a unique perspective on how to approach data problems. We understand the process of getting the “single truth” for a source of data and how important data integrity is to the end user. Cloudify experts leverage a vast knowledge bank to provide strategies that deliver value without over-engineering.

IT Service Management

Processes play a prominent role in ensuring consistency and reliability throughout an entire organization, as the output of one becomes an input for another. A mature and optimized process is fundamentally more cost-efficient than a disjointed, redundant one. Cloudify consultants are ITIL v.3 certified and experienced in all aspects of process best practices, successfully performing numerous improvement initiatives involving the examination of IT controls and business processes. Our experts bring discipline and rigor to the identification of immature, siloed, redundant or disjointed processes that require optimization, streamlining or unification efforts. Cloudify creates a solid framework that improves the quality and maturity level of key business processes, while reducing costs and delivery time. Through educated recommendations, Cloudify properly implements optimized processes that reduce cycle times, frustration and, ultimately, costs.

Asset Management

Asset management’s greatest responsibility is accountability and control. As one of the only IT consulting groups whose sole purpose is to reduce cost and waste, Cloudify asset management consultants help your organization realize significant savings by developing and implementing an “asset management life cycle” that tracks and controls assets—from procurement through disposal. Cloudify aligns assets with corresponding licenses—which reduces the effort required to “True Up” software licenses—and performs audits that bring a higher level of accuracy to the organization, as well as confidence, financial accountability and a workable plan for future asset purchases. Cloudify offers a full range of asset management services, including: Policies & procedures, Tool selection, Asset discovery, Inventory database administration, Asset disposal, Asset governance practices, Asset decommission & destruction, and Audit controls.

Brilliant Solutions from a Consortium of Trusted Technology Partners

Cloudify is vendor-agnostic and receives no additional compensation or commission from any of our technology partners. This neutrality allows us the freedom and flexibility to provide you with the most cost-effective and innovative approaches to optimize your business to the speed of opportunity. We maintain collaborative partnerships with key technology vendors so we can bring the benefits of those relationships to you. These benefits may include the latest training, access to top architects, and, in some cases, free trials.