Strategic Solutions

We’ve assembled a stand-out team of IT veterans who have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to create the perfect cloud climate to fit your business needs and give you the agility to keep up with today’s rapidly shifting markets. By optimizing your organization’s existing IT infrastructure with a more simplified, agile approach to business processes, Cloudify can reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide secure access to critical information-at any time from any location.

As a vendor-and platform-agnostic IT consultancy, we’re free to forge relationships with only those cloud providers whose strengths contribute to the best possible outcome for your organization. We use knowledge as a foundation, experience as proof and trust to build relationships. And we succeed at all three.



A Migration Toward Innovation

Today, organizations of every size and from every sector are at a crossroads. The underpinnings of traditional business models have been disrupted and shattered by pervasive cloud-computing technologies, which are advancing at exponential speeds.

Our trusted senior executives and global innovation leaders understand that converting to cloud technology is a significant change. But they also agree that it’s a smart decision for your firm – and one that leads to a more simplified, centralized and automated IT infrastructure, with the flexibility to scale up, scale down and innovate at the speed of the market.

With more computing power at a lower cost and the option to pay for resources on demand, migrating to the cloud provides freedom for your organization to focus on what matters most: your business objectives.


Cloudify’s technology veterans are captains of the industry, with decades of experience in strategy and planning, qualitative and quantitative research, ethnography and analytics.

Successfully working with clients across all vertical markets and industries – from financial and automotive to healthcare and higher education – Cloudify implements customized processes that enable organizations to better govern, manage and secure their IT services.

Whether public, private or hybrid cloud solutions, our proven strategies provide maximum benefits for CIOs and CTOs, releasing IT from the confines of a back-office support function to play a starring role in delivering customer value.