Cloudify DevOps for the age of FAST
Deploying IT solutions faster than ever, error free

DevOps offering provides CLOUDIFY Clients with planning and implementation services to optimize and streamline their IT operations. This practice aligns with business goals and objectives and delivers services faster and more efficiently than ever, error free.

Automate new products and application builds, deployments and release management and combine operations best practices with pre-planned provisioning of servers, storage, network, and security. Cloudify DevOps offering will enables superior user experience. This practice will increase reliability by decreasing cycle times (FAST); utilizing our ITIL practitioners/DevOps experts we can ensure quick adoption of DevOps within your organization.


  • DevOps practice optimizes your IT Operations, Release Management and Monitoring of Application Performance. Recover more quickly from failures, utilizing continuous Feedback Loops
  • Ensures consistency across development, test, and production environments so that teams know any changes are consistent and systems remain stable when you promote them. Monitor mission-critical infrastructure components such as applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and network infrastructure
  • Accelerate cloud adoption, Manage data center and hybrid cloud environments. Mine scores of log data in real time. Get a bird’s-eye view of logs by seeing what is happening across distributed environments in real time. Use data to search for answers, detects when production code breaks and delivers the source code and variable state that caused it to DevOps teams
  • Improve staff efficiency by eliminating time wasted sifting through logs; get the complete source code and variable state to fix any error
  • Proactively detects when deployments introduce errors
  • Avoid release delays and spend time delivering great features rather than dealing with production issues. Streamline DevOps collaboration to get features and fixes into production more quickly, Next-generation monitoring and analytics solution. Delivers a central, unified view of IT services
  • Detects patterns; dynamically adapts thresholds, highlights anomalies, and pinpoints areas of impact Deploy apps
  • Simple IT automation that eliminates repetitive tasks and frees teams to do more strategic work. KPI’s measuring everything, free your team to be more agile and responsive to business needs


Your business, customers, stake holders and end-users will significantly benefit from the speed and efficiency of your IT operations/development and increased quality of your application delivery (DevOps)

Your DevOps can operate as seamless parts of your organization by continuously working to improve processes, deploying applications faster, helping mitigate risks, and avoiding problems before they arise or as a tactical response to unforeseen challenges. Your time matters, and that is why our DevOps solutions work to fill in the gaps in business requirements, strategy, or technology expertise to improve the speed, performance, quality and relevance of your company’s IT service model.