Internal Clouds / IT Optimization

Hybrid IT

Hybrid cloud architecture is the integration of on-premises resources with cloud resources.For most organizations with on-premises technology investments, operating in a hybrid architecture is a necessary part of cloud adoption. Migrating legacy IT systems takes time and in some cases is not desired. Therefore, selecting a partner who can help you implement a thoughtful hybrid strategy, without requiring costly new investments in on-premises hardware and software, is important to simplify operations and more easily achieve your business goals.

By working closely with some of the most recognized brand companies, Cloudify has developed a methodology ( the industry’s broadest set of hybrid capabilities) across storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools to make it easy for you to integrate the cloud as a seamless and secure extension of your existing investments. We have also created strategic partnerships with long time leaders in on-premises platform providers such as VMware, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, and others to allow you to run your existing some of the most recognized technology brand companies’ applications on the public cloud of your choice with full support and high performance. 


IT Optimization

IT optimization is primarily thought of as a mechanism for reducing IT service delivery costs, or for cutting the costs associated with IT capital costs. But you can leverage IT to reduce the overall cost for the business.

Cloudify assists clients with continually looking for the most cost-effective ways to deliver IT services. With the right approach, IT optimization can lower costs in IT and drive additional value.

IT Optimization value can be defined as a combination of increasing revenue, decreasing costs, reducing business risk, and building new business capabilities.


Different clients have different goals and objectives

IT optimization can vary significantly by client. For a manufacturing client we only concentrated on cost savings.

While financial services, healthcare and innovative clients have a very different requirement for IT optimization and want to ensure the dollars are spent towards advancing the right projects and solutions.

The size of the company and the amount IT dollars are not as relevant to IT optimization as spending in the right areas to achieve appropriate outcomes.

During positive economic periods IT optimization for our client has been focused on growth. In the age of data being most important, Cloudify is advising clients to optimize IT to benefit from data, to grow the business, and accomplish their priority objectives and goals.

Hybrid IT can be optimized to accomplish these goals and Cloudify experts can discuss how it can benefit your organization as we have done for many of our clients.