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  • Certified AWS, Cloud MCSE, GCP Architects
  • Certified AWS, Cloud MCSE , GCP Engineers
  • Cloud security engineers
  • Cloud networking engineers
  • Fully managed Cloud services staff
  • Cloud Application Integration teams
  • Serverless, Containers (Docker, Kubernetes) and Microservices development and deployment engineers


Cloudify Google Cloud Platforms (White Paper) Experts for the age of FAST

Cloudify team of consultants and GCP certified experts have designed and implemented many GCP environments for enterprises across multiple industries. As one of GCP consulting partners in North America, Cloudify, Inc. has the capabilities necessary to design, build, migrate and operate complex GCP environments at scale for our enterprise clients.

GCP Client Case: (One of the largest Global Product Company)

The goal of this engagement was to architect and migrate 47 global corporate websites and e-commerce sites of the company to Google Cloud. We also deployed experts for moving all 23,000 employees’ email and desktop applications to GCP. We validated whether GCP is the optimal hosting solution for the Company, since this had a long-term impact on productivity, profitably, and market agility of the organization. Cloudify along with the internal teams successfully moved all 47 primary websites and all e-commerce sites to GCP. All 23,000 employees were also successfully migrated/converted to GCP back-office tools and collaboration systems. Cloudify took into account various factors such as performance, availability, security, compliance, operations and costs, as well as both the training of end-users and ease of adoption and use to ensure success.



  • Cloudify and the internal team utilized GCP to perform benchmark POC, and successfully moved one of the Asia location workloads, environments, and applications to GCP. All acceptance criteria were met
  • Cloudify analyzed and reported on business and technical requirements of the architecture and migration and provided a detailed pros and cons and cost analysis that was presented to the Senior Management and the Board of the company
  • From the start we believed that networking and security will have major and critical impact on user trust and performance of all applications on GCP. Cloudify Networking and Security engineers became part of the delivery team to provide advice, design, and implementation services to ensure all compliance and performance requirements were satisfied
  • Documented deployment step-by-step for the first migration, to be repeated for all other sites and users around the world
  • Created the GCP accounts for all sites and users and POC was performed under their GCP account so that, if desirable, the environment can continue to be used post-POC as production
  • Created and configured GCP servers
  • Assisted in defining test criteria for success
  • Tested all applications on GCP
  • Performed cost analysis and presented and gained approval
  • Switched all production application production to GCP
  • All sites were migrated in 9 months and all sites, user data, and all 23,000 employees were successfully moved to GCP, and cost savings objectives were achieved