Financial Services Company Success Story


The Business Challenge

A Financial Services company took the easiest path to the Cloud and it turned out to be the wrong one. Faced with an edict from the CEO, the CIO took the easiest path and moved to Amazon Elastic Cloud. The transition was smooth, but the solution was problematic. Their highly transactional nature made geographic latency an issue. Far worse, when the CEO asked to scale his business by a factor of 10X, they realized the technology cost was so prohibitive it would destroy their margins. The CEO called the CIO into the office an issued an ultimatum: solve it immediately or be fired.

Our Approach

Cloudify was engaged for a Strategic consultation. Amazon EC is a great fit for a number of use cases. This company’s product was not one. One size does not fit all in the Cloud world. At Cloudify we strive to match our clients with the technology that best fits their needs. For this company, we recommended specific technologies that best suited their use case, as well as a Cloud hosting provider that could support them. In their case, a dedicated Database server using FusionIO technology vastly improved their throughput where scaling horizontally previously could not.

The Results

The CIO kept his job. Their system performance is way up. Their cost is better than ever.

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