Healthcare Software Company Success Story


The Business Challenge

QSI, one of the world’s top providers of medical software used by dental offices, reached a pivot point. The hosted data center they were in was running out of room. Their customer base was growing rapidly, straining their lean, efficient team. They needed help assessing their options, especially understanding whether this was the right moment to move to a Cloud solution.

Our Approach

Cloudify began with an engagement for a Strategic consultation. We quickly analyzed key factors of the applications to be hosted, and within 2 weeks produced a report comparing the four best Cloud alternatives for hosting their applications. Cloudify strives to be vendor-agnostic. Using our deep and experienced knowledge of leading industry vendors, we produced and documented pros and cons for each Cloud solution, and highlighted three major priorities-Cost, Performance and Security-with a specific recommendation for each priority.

Cloudify followed up with another engagement to rapidly setup a Proof-of-Concept trial of one of these Cloud solutions. Cloudify led all the vendor negotiations, arranging for a free trial of an environment large enough to replicate their full Production environment, as well as free consulting services from the vendor’s technical experts, this included engaging published authors in the field. Cloudify provided Project Management as a Service to get the initial POC in place within weeks. For comparison, without Cloudify, the customer had struggled for 8 months with another vendor, paying for their POC environment the whole time.

The Results

By the end of the POC, the customer was able to identify an immediate set of applications that could be moved to a Cloud solution that was less expensive and more agile than their current hosting. They were also able to gauge and set timelines on when it would be appropriate to move their largest application to the Cloud.

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