Tell Your CIO That Traditional Big Consulting Companies Are Killing Your Cloud Implementation


Are you a CIO, CTO, or an IT Leader that is making the decision to work with large, traditional consulting and technology companies to implement your Cloud? If so, you are making a mistake. Cloud is a technology disruption force that is changing the way businesses consume IT services in such a fashion that you must have the right partner to handle implementation. You are looking at a new paradigm that requires the right IT mindset be present or you will find that your Cloud implementation failed just as badly as your CMDB deployment likely did years ago. To handle the transformation that next generation Cloud services brings to your IT Organization, you need help from a company that has the lifeblood of Cloud within its DNA.

Let’s talk about the perception of the Cloud — a swipe of the credit card to consume whatever service you want. It is the Utopia of IT where any company or employee can just walk up and pay for only what they need without dealing with any of the backend systems, architecture, and hassles. So if this is the Cloud experience, then why is the implementation experience the complete opposite? The standard Cloud engagement is sitting with a large company discussing an extensive list of requirements, along with a myriad of toolsets, 8-12 month implementation time frames, millions of dollars of budget, and countless professional services teams and company resources. Doesn’t this seem counterproductive? Shouldn’t a Cloud implementation be just as simple as the solution itself?

This is where partnering with new and agile thinkers that offer a frictionless engagement can provide you a Cloud strategy that has your company consuming IT services readily instead of sitting around for almost a year before you go live. You need to work with a specific type of IT person that has already cut their teeth on the Cloud and had multiple successes. At any IT Leadership level you expect project completion and success to come in a timeframe that allows you to answer the growing and ever changing demands of your business. You need a partner that focuses on having a Cloud design that offers the flexibility and functionality to meet increasing demand but has the controls and security to ensure that your Operations teams stay effective.

Large legacy technology implementation companies are successful in the IT models and technologies of the past. They have a mindset that is exactly of the nature that they are — legacy. So is it really smart to work with them when you are trying to move into the future and get away from “legacy” problems? We are now in a disruptive phase of IT evolution where you must be agile in all aspects of your business or die. You must be willing to put on the hat of the new IT model and think as well as act in the same mindset. That is why you need to find IT professionals that not only know the Cloud, but live it. The mindset and context with which they approach IT challenges allows them to overcome traditional hurdles and shorten the runway for full Cloud enablement.

Your users are already used to consuming services. They will consume your Cloud when you start working with a company that can help you architect your IT Cloud services in fashion that fits their needs in a mindset they understand. It is all about using Cloud as the business operations solution it is and not the “technology solution” that all large scale IT companies tout Cloud as. So are you a CIO, CTO, or IT Leader that is ready to fire your large traditional consulting company and go with the new breed of Cloud experts? The success of your company’s Cloud strategy is at stake.

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