A California University Success Story


The Challenge

The client is a university which has one of the most diverse student populations of any higher-education institution in the nation.  Its graduates constitute a major leadership force in Greater Los Angeles.

Early in 2015, a datacenter disruption prevented students, staff and faculty from reaching technology resources requiring Microsoft AD authentication at the university, as well as other upstream systems.  This was recognized as an opportunity to increase reliability, redundancy and resiliency of these systems.

Our Approach

Cloudify analyzed the necessary systems required to keep users connected and productive with a strategy to ensure continuity in the event of a datacenter interruption.  We followed up with our implementation services to help turn the strategy into reality. In partnership with Microsoft, Cloudify produced a solution to fortify the existing infrastructure and replicate authentication availability.  A custom solution was engineered to fortify the existing on premises Active Directory architecture by combining it with technologies within the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The Results

A cloud-based solution that meets the availability, security and resiliency demands of the customer.  The solution implemented provides for directory services in the cloud when they are not available locally, and ensures that access controls exist as required to continue securely servicing users.  This hybrid solution maintains the high-speed performance of a core AD infrastructure, while cost-effectively ensuring uninterrupted access to critical systems.

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