Cloudify expands Microsoft offerings


Cloudify, Inc. today announces the expansion of its line of Microsoft cloud implementation services. This expansion is in direct response to growing client demand in this segment.

Evan Jafa, President of Cloudify says:

“We are grateful to our clients that have engaged Cloudify as their trusted advisor to deliver high value IT strategies and services. We strive to gain our customer’s trust in every aspect of delivery of our services. Our pacesetting customers are engaging us to implement the solutions we recommended at a much greater rate than ever. Our expanded Microsoft cloud implementation services are in response to our clients.”

“Our Active Directory (AD) Resiliency Service is a great example of the kind of rapid, well-defined improvement we can deliver for our clients. It provides an immediate improvement to the resiliency of AD at a cost-effective price. We have expanded our staff of certified Microsoft cloud experts to keep up with demand,” says Mark Vanderbeek, Cloudify’s Chief Digital Officer. “More information is available on our website at

“Cloudify’s expertise combined with Microsoft technologies create a powerful combination to build highly-effective, trusted solutions with a familiar look and feel. This allows our clients to grow with greater agility and be highly responsive to changes,” says SVP of Operations, Martin Fredstrom. “In support of this new line of business, we are also happy to announce the addition of Account Executive, Donna Hulina to our team. Donna will lead the effort to bring these offerings to market and respond to ever increasing demand.”

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