The Latest News at Cloudify

Cloudify Announces Expansion into State and Local Government, K-12 and Higher Education

Cloudify, Inc. today announced further expansion of services in the State and Local Government, K-12 and Higher Education Vertical. This is in response to the growing number of customers and demand in this segment. Cloudify has expanded the strategic consulting services in this market. Evan Jafa, President of Cloudify says: “This is an exciting time for… Read more »

Of Clouds and Security

In the early days of the Cloud, the assumption was the Cloud would be inherently less secure than your own datacenter. But is that really true? There are several reasons why a good Cloud implementation may be more secure than your datacenter. Here’s why: Attack Surface A key element in security is Attack Surface–essentially how… Read more »

The Life of Your Company is at Stake if Your CEO Cannot Manage Disruption

We are entering a new phase of technology where disruption is the primary model over just empowerment.  This disruption is now a new type of catalyst that is no longer taking down small products or companies but is destroying the business models of Fortune 500 companies.  The tide has changed to one where all types… Read more »

Online Shipping Company Success Story

The Challenge The founder of one of the most successful e-commerce sites in the Shipping industry had a revolutionary idea to make the World a better place by reducing the overall footprint of shipping while, at the same time, reducing the cost to individuals of shipping household goods. This idea would require technology that did… Read more »

Predictive Analytics Company Success Story

The Challenge A Predictive Analytics company developed a new web-based version of their product in their labs. They needed to move it into Production. Their customer base, however, consists of Banks and other large Financial Services firms, with stringent security and compliance needs. Our Approach Cloudify serves as a trusted advisor to our clients. Our… Read more »

Financial Services Company Success Story

The Business Challenge A Financial Services company took the easiest path to the Cloud and it turned out to be the wrong one. Faced with an edict from the CEO, the CIO took the easiest path and moved to Amazon Elastic Cloud. The transition was smooth, but the solution was problematic. Their highly transactional nature… Read more »

Healthcare Software Company Success Story

The Business Challenge QSI, one of the world’s top providers of medical software used by dental offices, reached a pivot point. The hosted data center they were in was running out of room. Their customer base was growing rapidly, straining their lean, efficient team. They needed help assessing their options, especially understanding whether this was… Read more »